Linh Dan Restaurant (Ha Long City)

Ha Long Bay

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Linh Dan Restaurant (Ha Long City)

Linh Dan is probably one of the best restaurants you'll find in Bãi Cháy. Sit down at a table in the building's large foodhall and choose from an extensive menu of varied seafood delicacies including crab, lobster and prawns. They also do spring rolls, salads, noodles and rice-based dishes. Have a taste of the delicious cuisine that is native to this part of the world for a reasonably moderate price in the surroundings of Bãi Cháy Beach.


Although the main attraction of Ha Long is undoubtedly its spectacular islands, there are a number of interesting eateries to try out on the mainland, offering some of the best gastronomy in the region. From internationally-oriented food joints that offer all manners of Western and Vietnamese-inspired meals to a more traditional choice of local seafood and noodles, you are sure to find something that agrees with your tastebuds.